Womenpower of the 5 elements

When the feminin aspects of our being are nourished and held, we enter into our time of healing and flourishing.
Our bodies then become containers trough which we channel.
Self-Expression. Intuition and Flow.

The Modern Medicine Woman

When you know about your circle you feel whole. Connected with the elements in you and around you. Because it is always the same.


As above so below
As inside so outside
As within so with all

The deeper you are connected with the phases of the year and the 5 elements, the more you learn about yourself. Obtain a better understanding for the relationship between process inside you and the transformation phases of the elements, their associated meridians and organs.


This workshop gives space to dive deeply into these qualities, find the secret and sometimes hidden source of womenpower within and experience them through a special yoga flow.

The more you will find out how important balance is within this circle for female health. Where in your body and your life a disbalance can manifest. How your everyday life can change and improve through finding back to that natural rhythm of year and elements.

Wood – Fire – Earth – Metall – Water

Each Day will be dedicated to one of the 5 Elements

  • start with intro
  • feel the element in you body
  • activate their energ
  • meet the archetypes of womenhood behind
  • find out about their gifts
  • realize about the relationship of female health and cycle


  • nourish yourself with healthy brunch
  • time to reflect and listen
  • hear how to support yourself in every phase
  • learn easy self-treatment out of Ayurveda and TCM
  • get a handout with recipes, herbs and exercises
  • have open and save space for sharing and support

WOOD – The Warrior

Vision. Creativity. Destiny.
Spring Energy. Enforcement.
Flexibilty and Humor.
Hormones. Fertility and Menstruation.


FIRE – The Loving

Clarity. Presence. Expression.
Self-confidence. Enjoyment of life.
Blood, Heart and Uterus.
Sensuality and Sexuality.


EARTH – The Nurishing

Stability. Center. Mind.
Pregnancy and creation.
Embrace. Surrendering and Self-care.
Nurish yourself. Find the Taste of Life.


METALL – The Alchemist

Structure. Clarity. Boundaries.
Reflection, change and letting go.
Body wisdom and Intuition.
Finding back to your own rhythm.


WATER – The Keeper

Silence. Basic trust. Ancestry force.
Own needs and Courage.
Stress, Cycle and Hormones.
Essence and your Source of Power.

Further information and dates coming soon…