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Sa., 01. Mai


Online Gathering via Zoom


... let's meet again in circle.

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Zeit & Ort

01. Mai 2021, 09:00 – 02. Mai 2021, 12:00

Online Gathering via Zoom

Über die Veranstaltung

✨ Women have always met in circles. ✨

To share. To dance. 

To celebrate live. To celebrate nature. 

To celebrate the moon. 

To celebrate themselves.

The source of female power is to live and dance in circles. Reconnecting with that means healing.

These times are asking us more than ever to stay aligned and stay present. To find back to what nourishes us. We believe that remembering old traditions our ancestors and rituals is one of the most important steps.   So let's meet again to celebrate one of the most beautiful fest in the year's circle which is the full representation of Shakti energy: BELTANE.

As we live in a world of duality SHAKTI is the consort of SHIVA. When Shiva stands for the pure consciousness, the point of concentration and stillness, Shakti wants to dance. She is the manifestation of the idea. The life force in everything. The act of creation that makes the world alive~ and this is what we celebrate with Beltane.   Because there is always the seed of good in everything, we find with current situation also new possibilities to connect and share not only from Almere to Austria  but with sisters all over the world. That's why we want to bring this ONLINE WOMEN'S GATHERING into the world.

SATURDAY | MAY 1   with Sandi from Goddess Within

:: Beltane Ritual ::    Sacred Union Ceremony   We honour the dance of Shiva and Shakti, the Divine Masculine and Feminine within and without, with a    Sexuality and Fertility Honouring Ritual.

:: Shakti Dance® ::    Shakti Dance® is a mixture of Yoga & Dance. Originating in Kundalini Yoga and various dance styles, it moves in 8 cycles in opening the body, mind, and spirit to move in full expression of soul.

SUNDAY | MAY 2  with Martina

:: Womb Blessing ::    Because the womb is the place where we can link to our deepest source of power. Bring creation in our life and into the world. Find the strength to manifest our dreams.    We want to take time and reconnect, find our sisters, honor and heal.

 :: Shakti Yoga Flow ::    As a kind of Vinyasa Yoga we want to use breath, movement and awareness to really align and look inwards.   I want to create a certain space for you with pranayama, meditative elements and movement to experience the practice as a ritual for yourself on the mat.    Let's flow together through the qualities of Beltane.

:: Closing Circle ::

About the facilitators:

Sandi, Goddess Within

Sandi is a Medicine Woman facilitating Kambo, Women Circle and Shakti Dance®~Yoga of Dance~ Ceremonies as tools to awaken to the knowledge of self and power, and personal medicines, uniquely residing within each of us. Held in fierce love and honour, her rituals bring the sacred back into everyday life, tuning into the rhythm of nature and the dance of life!

Martina, einfach SEIN

Martina spends her days working as a professional Bodyworker and Shakti Yoga ​Teacher. Because of her experience also in Theatre, she loves to create a special space for her yoga classes~ guiding her students through movement, breath, awareness and music to meet themselves. Allowing to experience the practise as a holy ritual, returning to the source of Shakti within.

In her bodywork sessions she focuses on women's health and supporta her clients with an ​alchemical blend of techniques from shiatsu and visionary craniosacral work®, ​which provides and holds space for any kind of physical or emotional unwinding and release.

Energy exchange:   33 euros

Purchase ticket

Zoom link will be sent a day before the Circle.

Ahey, sisters!   Looking forward to meeting in this beautiful celebration.

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